Have you suffered injury or illness after using a defective product?

Under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, the producer of a product is liable for injury caused by a defect in that product. If it is proved that the safety of the product was less than a reasonable standard you can make a claim. It is not necessary to prove negligence. If you were the person who bought the product and you suffered injury you can claim damages for breach of contract on the basis that the produce you bought was not of satisfactory quality.

The claim can be made against the seller or manufacturer or the company who imported the product into Europe if the product was manufactured outside the European Union.

It is very important to get legal advice quickly if you believe you have been injured when using a defective product. Naturally you will want to complain to the shop where you bought it but they are likely to ask you to return the product. If you give it to them, you might find later that you have given up the evidence.

Examples of Defective Product cases we have successfully pursued for our clients include:

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