Children will have accidents. It is part of a child's natural development to fall over now and then. If a child has an accident and suffers a trivial injury such as a bruise we do not advise you to consider making a claim. Luckily, children recover very well from minor injuries. If your child suffers a significant injury which you believe was caused by someone else's negligence we can advise you on whether or not you can make a claim on behalf of your child.

Children will have accidents that are no one's fault. If that is the case, no claim can be made. If there is evidence of negligence then a claim can be made.

Typical accidents involving children include:

Accidents in Schools

Accidents at school need careful consideration. The duty of the school is to act in loco parentis. This means that the teachers at the school should take the same care of the children in their class as a parent would do. With some activities extra care should be taken. For example, school trips should be planned properly. If they are then it is unlikely that an accident will happen. Thousands of school trips pass off without a hitch, but sometimes things go wrong as has been the case in a number of high profile cases. If the trip was not properly planned or was reckless or ill-advised or the equipment or instruction was inadequate there may be a claim.

Games and PE lessons involve some risk of injury. PE equipment should be used properly and maintained in a good condition.

Road Accidents involving Children

If your child is injured whilst cycling or a pedestrian he or she may have a claim.

You should make sure your children follow the Green Cross Code and know how to cross the road safely. Cycling proficiency classes are also a very good idea. Many local authorities have staff who promote safe cycling. Contact your council for information in your area.

When a child is injured in a road accident the starting point is to consider how the accident happened. Car drivers should also keep a good look out for children especially in built up areas and near schools. Sometimes children will cross the road without looking and as a result of this an accident may happen, but it may also be said that the car driver should have seen your child, sounded the car horn, braked or swerved to avoid a collision.

Our team of specialist solicitors deal with many accident claims for children and therefore they are able to help you if your child has an accident due to someone else's fault.

Children can make claims at any time up to their 21st birthday for accidents that occurred before they were 18. Until the child is 18 the child needs an adult to make the claim for them. Once the child is 18, he or she can pursue the claim him or herself. There are some exceptions to this with some cases and it is not a good idea to wait before making a claim as evidence may no longer be easily obtainable. Therefore, you should take advice as soon as you reasonably can after your child's accident.

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