A serious brain or head injury can leave you with many problems. No two brain injury cases are alike. Some problems arising from brain injury are very obvious, but in many cases, there are more subtle problems which are not always immediately obvious.

A life changing injury

Brain injury can lead to physical problems with grip, coordination, movement, balance, hearing, taste, smell and speech, along with cognitive impairment - how the brain processes information. Brain injury can also lead to changes in character, personality, the production of hormones and even libido. When you come to think about it, the brain is highly complex and involved in controlling a wide range of functions, so this is not surprising.

Memory and concentration

Even mild problems with memory or concentration can result in a significant change of lifestyle. Quite often, fatigue, or tiredness results from brain injury limiting the ability of the person to keep going throughout the day. Everyday things like planning and simple multi-tasking can become very difficult.

Personality changes

The loved ones of those with brain injury often bear the strain of changes in character and personality because the person who has had the brain injury behaves differently and often does not realise how their behaviour affects the people closest to them. The lack of insight into the problems caused by brain injury can lead to many more problems - because if you do not recognise or believe you have a problem it is very hard then to find ways of dealing with that. Some brain injured people can become aggressive. Some become naive or too trusting and are at risk of exploitation.

Psychiatric problems

Psychiatric problems, such as depression, are also not uncommon, for example when the injured person struggles to come to terms with how their life has changed. The interaction between brain injury and psychiatric problems is complex.

These problems can put a huge strain on the ability to return to work, quality of life and relationships.

Sometimes the lasting effects of brain or head injury are obvious, but many problems are hidden. Lives are often never the same again, and yet, sometimes, after the patient leaves hospital, many of the challenges likely to be faced have not even become apparent.

How we can help

Our specialist brain and head injury solicitors are involved in some of the most complex claims. All aspects of how the brain injury may have affected your life or might affect it in the future should be investigated. Therapy, care and support designed to enable the brain injured person to adapt to their changed lifestyle is the priority. We look to ensure that all problems are investigated and that where possible the insurers of the Defendant responsible for causing your injury meets those costs.

Getting the right expert help

In most cases reports are obtained from neurologists and neuropsychologists. In other cases, neuropsychiatric assessment is required. Neuro-Occupational Therapists help with practical measures to adapt to brain injury. Physical problems such as weaknesses in the limbs can be helped with treatment from a Neuro-Physiotherapist. Speech and Language experts are also sometimes involved. We consider each case individually and advise you on what expertise we will need.

Whether you or someone close to you has suffered a brain injury you deserve to have your case properly investigated.

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