Have you suffered a personal injury in an accident when you were working on a building site? Building sites are very dangerous places in which to work and many workers are injured or killed. Employers have a duty to protect workers against injuries on building sites. However, many injuries are caused because employers break the law. There are many regulations such as The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 which are designed to protect workers from injury.

Types of accidents on building sites are caused often by:

Many workers on building sites are self-employed. Even if you are 'self-employed' for tax purposes, you may well be regarded as employed if the person or company you work for controls and directs your work or provides you with the equipment you need to do the job. Our team of specialist work accident personal injury solicitors have won many claims for injuries caused by accidents on building sites. These kinds of accidents are very common. The construction industry still has one of the worst records for accidents and injuries.

Common injuries caused on building sites include:

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